The Woman's Garden - Things Of Joy, Beauty And Inspiration.
Wendy Matthews (Stepping Stones)
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Hello, and welcome!  My name is Ann Weeks, and I am the Creatrix of
The Woman's Garden: A Meeting Place
I'm so glad that you've dropped by for a visit.  I hope that you stay and have a really good look around, and enjoy the site.  Above all, I hope that you find whatever it is that you need at this moment in time.

Please click on the "Book An Appointment" link in the menu on the left if you would like a Spiritual Guidance session with me.

There is a link to my FACEBOOK page, The Woman's Garden: Things Of Joy, Beauty And Inspiration at the bottom of this page.

I also have another FACEBOOK page, a blog, called Endo etc, which is where I share my personal Journey of living with Endometriosis - the etc is everything that comes with it!!  Perhaps you may find some comfort or information there, so please drop by and have a look (YOU CAN FIND Endo etc PRETTY EASILY, BUT I WILL PUT A LINK TO IT UP ON THIS PAGE VERY SOON).
I live in a very beautiful part of the world -
The Far North Coast of NSW, Australia.  Here, we are Blessed to be surrounded by green, green forests and the bluest of oceans.  It is an area where people have been coming for years to explore life and their place in it.  There are a wealth of Healers living here, of all types, from all places, providing a rich tapestry of experience and wisdom to all whose questing leads them to this part of the world.  It is this environment that inspires, informs and supports me in my work, allowing me to continue to grow and to explore different ways of sharing what I have learned in my journeying thus far.
Throughout my life others have shared their passions with me, inspiring me to explore my own and teaching me something that, though not new, is easily forgotten.  That we all, in our own way, have something of value to share.
It is my intention to offer a place where people can receive Healing and be inspired to open the gate to their own Inner Garden, to find the treasures that lie waiting there, within.



Song Of The Moment - "You Have To Believe We Are Magic..."
                                      (Olivia Newton John)

Thought For Today  -     Are you happy?

Card Of The Moment -
(I'm using the "Magical Messages From The Fairies" deck)



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Hey everyone...Here's a peaceful, gentle audio/video recording I made to help you let go and relax...ahhhh!! Enjoy...Love and Blessings, Ann xo.

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TOUCHING BASE: Gratitude For New Home
I have moved/am moving and I'm just saying hello and that I'm still here!! I also touch on the facts of homelessness in this world.

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I hope to see you again. This website is a constant work in progress; check back later for new updates, as there's much more to come.


This is in response to the change in privacy laws that have recently come into effect in May of 2018.  I don't know that I am actually doing anything that requires me to say these things, but I'd rather do this now then find out later that I needed to!  Apart from anything else, I have always put the privacy of people who contact me for my help at the top of my priority list, so this is just formalising things.  I don't mind at all making it clear that I always do my best to respect peoples' right to confidentiality when they are contacting me.

The Woman's Garden has always had a very firm privacy policy.  When you contact me for a Spiritual Guidance Session, or for any other reason, your Session or your enquiry is strictly confidential.  All emails and contact forms are deleted after a Session/enquiry is completed, and if you are phoning me for a Session, there is no other person in the room with me when it's happening.

When you send me your email address, this is purely for contact purposes re the Session or answering your enquiry.  I do not collect any data about you, or anything of that nature.  When you are booking a phone Session you are phoning me on my landline, so I don't take your phone number and there is no record of it in a mobile phone.  My Paypal account keeps a record of who has paid me, and I am legally required to keep such records.

Of course, any posts that you make on my Facebook page are public, but if you privately message me, this is not seen by anyone else.  I will delete your enquiry after we have finished with our communication.  When you  have a page like this one with Facebook, whenever someone likes or comments on your page you are notified and there is a notification page which keeps a record of who has liked your page or commented on it.  There are also statistics as to how many likes you're receiving, when they happen etc (for further information about this, please visit the relevant Facebook information page) but I do not use this information for any reason ie I'm not collecting your data.  I have used Facebook for advertising, but with these new laws I'm not sure how that's all going to work now so until I'm clear, I will not be doing this again.  I've advertised on Instagram once, just to see how it would go, but will also not be doing this again until I'm clear on how these new laws will be affecting these kinds of ads.  And as with Facebook, any comments that you make on my Instagram posts are public.  I don't collect any information about you through Instagram.

When you leave a comment in my Guest Book on my website page, your email address is not able to be seen publicly but is kept in my records because that's how my website host works ie the form you fill out to make a comment requires you to leave your email address, and I can't delete the email address without deleting the comment, which deletes it off of the public page!  My website package also involves the collection of statistics like what pages on the website are being looked at and what country visitors are from, but I do not use this data for any purpose.  Any testimonials that I may ask you to leave or that you may wish to leave me are always only taken /given with the Blessing of your Free Will, and I can use your initials or change your name (ie I would need to say that your name has been changed) if you wish to do this.

I think that covers it!!  To the best of my ability, I will always honour your privacy and will treat your time with me as Sacred.  Thank you, and many Blessings to you...Ann xo


Don't Stop
Darren Hanlon (Under The Covers/Compilation)
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