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Love My Way

Kate Ceberano (Nine Lime Avenue)

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Poetry is an Art form that I enjoy writing a great deal. I don't follow any particular style or structure, I just let it come through. I find it incredibly good for expressing feelings and emotions, and when the mood hits me, I can be lost in word world for hours. I hope you enjoy these offerings, and that you find some meaning of your own within them


I had this amazing English teacher when I was in my senior years at highschool - Mrs McLennon (not sure of the spelling - apologies to you, Mrs McLennon). She was this individual, strong woman who, on occasion, wore this green shaggy jacket that resembled some kind of furry sea creature. As young people, none of us really appreciated her, of course - we were desperately clinging to sameness, not difference. But I was able to value how she made the Art of English come alive - Shakespeare became understandable and exciting, novels were an adventure to look forward to, and poetry was transformed from boring and impenetrable to full of hidden messages and treasures that were a delight to discover. She was so passionate about her job, and so very good at it. Though I was a little bit scared of her, I always looked forward to her classes, and remember her encouragement of me and my writing.

And so I dedicate this book to the Teachers in my life who showed me that Teaching is indeed a Calling, and a noble one at that. Thankyou for giving me the precious gift of being taught by people who truly love what they do.

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