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Wendy Matthews (Stepping Stones)

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Hello, and welcome! My name is Ann Weeks, and I am the Creatrix of

The Woman's Garden

I'm so glad that you've dropped by for a visit. I hope that you stay and have a really good look around, and enjoy the site. Above all, I hope that 

you find whatever it is that you need at this moment in time.


I live in a very beautiful part of the world -

The Far North Coast of NSW, Australia. Here, we are Blessed to be surrounded by green, green forests and the bluest of oceans. It is an area where people have been coming for years to explore life and their place in it. There are a wealth of Healers and Creatives living here, of all types, from all places,

providing a rich tapestry of experience and wisdom to all whose questing leads them to this part of the world. It is this environment that inspires, informs and supports me in my work, allowing me to continue to grow and to explore different ways of sharing what I have learned in my journeying thus far.

Throughout my life others have shared their passions with me, inspiring me to explore my own and teaching me something that, though not new, is easily forgotten. That we all, in our own way, have something of value to share.

It is my intention to offer a place where people can receive Healing and be inspired to open the gate to their own Inner Garden, to find the treasures that lie waiting there, within.



Song Of The Moment - "You Have To Believe We Are Magic..."

                                      (Olivia Newton John)

Thought For Today -      Are you happy?

Card Of The Moment -

(I'm using the "Magical Messages From The Fairies" deck)

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Don't Stop

Darren Hanlon (Under The Covers/Compilation)

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