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Sweet Honey in the Rock (Breaths)

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JIMMY: 22/3/11; 10.25pm

This is about/from Jimmy. Jimmy is a small child/boy, I'm getting 7 yrs old. He's blonde. He has a very gentle energy.

This is a message for his MOTHER, I'm getting Meg. He's ok - he's saying "I'm ok mummy. It's fun here. I'm with grandad". And the dog. Rex. German Shepard. Old dog, is looking after Jimmy.

That's it. He's running off to play - turning around and waving and laughing/giggling - beautiful - and running off.

Jimmy was very persistant/patient - he waited a night and a day for

JAPAN - 2/4/11

There's A LOT of pain emerging from Japan right now. Water/poisonous. A lot of people, and animals, in physical pain. A lot of people calling out for help. In trauma.

Ancestors. The ancestors are helping/guiding those who have crossed over - especially the little children - the children and babies.

GWEN: 9/5/11; 10.51

It's a G name - Gwenn. And the name Misty associated with this name. They both like Ellen DeGeneres - I have the show on in the background as this message is coming through, and they're both laughing at it. (Gwen has passed over, Misty is still here on the Earth Realm). This Reading is about Gwen.

Impatient, impatient, impatient!!! She wants my FULL attention, thankyou very much! There's lots to get done - ie she's making me feel like this is how she lived her life. People around her were often driven slightly crazy by her energy, but they loved her. I'm getting the number 55, and I feel it's her age. She's not to happy about having her age known, but she's also saying "what the hell! I'm dead now!!!" Wicked sense of humour. I have a pain on/around my left shoulder blade area associated with her - old injury. Very proud of how she kept her house - very fussy - especially about the bathroom. Lord help you if you messed it up.

Wonderful Heart - very loving and loyal towards those she cares about, which brings her to her point. She wants Misty and her father, (Mistys' father), to know that she's ok. She's not in pain anymore, she's having a ball, kicking her heels up and in general enjoying life, so to speak. She's waiting for them, and watching out over them, especially over Misty. (I'm getting a dog?). She loves you and misses you both, and wants you to look after eachother. "Don't leave it to long to sort it out", she's saying, "Life's short, do the right thing - you know you want to".

Ok - pulling back - and she's gone.



MARY - older woman. Gray hair/wringlets. Feeling heavy. Crying. Sorry. Sorrow. Has lost someone in the floods. Needs to know they're ok. This person is Heart close - child.

There's a man coming through - for Mary. He's ok. He didn't suffer. Father - he loves his father - please pass this on. Country man - I'm getting an old jeep/ute - he's leaning against it with an old hat, looking weathered.

He's smiling now - "She'll be right. Don't cry love. I'm alright. Say hello to Billy for me. Don't worry about the farm - she'll be apples. It'll all work out. Insurance will come through. Bye love - I'll be watching".

And he's winking, lifting his hat, and he's gone.

SOPHIA: 19/5/11; 3.16pm

There is a tall, distinguished, older (older she's saying, not old), woman here, named Sophia. She didn't wan to wait until I finished my cup of tea - she wanted to be heard now. She also liked the Rolling Stones song I had playing - "Waiting On A Friend". "Much better than their usual riff raff" she's saying, sniffing. She says she's not being insulting, she just likes what she likes. Young people. She was alive in the 60s - lost her life to a drug overdose. Not her fault, she's saying. She trusted a man, her husband - they were at a party, "an adult party" she says. She took too much of something he gave her, and she still blames him for it. He was meant to be looking after her, he promised. He wasn't a bad man, she says, just stupid - and beneath her. But she was young at the time and didn't know any better - didn't know about love. The police arrested him at the time, but let him go - lack of evidence. He died soon after, from the same thing. She hasn't seen him since - she hasn't wanted to. However, she's saying, although she still blames him (ooh she's stubborn), she wants him to know that she understands, and she wants him to know that she's going to stop blocking him from coming through to their children and grandchildren. Which is more than he deserves. That's it - she's done.

11/6/11: 5:16pm

IRELAND - Someone from Ireland has something to say, and boy are they full of mischief!!! This is an Old Soul. "Been observing humanity lately and have something to say. You all need to get up off of your keesters and DANCE more! Truly - you'll all die of old age and boredom if you don't let your hair down and boogie!!! Light that fire, toss back some ale and mead and get to it!" That's it.

2/1/12: 1.45pm

ANGELIC MESSAGE - This is a message from the Angelic Realm for the new year that is just upon us. Be quiet, be peaceful, be calm, be joyous. Much is coming and you will need to be ready. GET READY! It is not our purpose to panic you. It is our purpose to prepare you for the inevitable. CHANGE. Much change. Much chaos. Much love. Happening happening happening. Love be upon you. Peace be upon you. Do your best. Trust. Hold close to those you love and who love you. PREPARE!!! That is all.

Cheaper Than Free

Stevie Nicks;featuring Dave Stewart (In Your Dreams)

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