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The allowances we make for brilliance.

There must be stillness before there can be movement.

A healthy dose of righteousness can take you places!

Ancient Knowledge protects itself...

Everything is AS IT IS.

Music is the reason I'm ALIVE.

Life's not just about the big dramatic gestures -

there is such Truth in small moments.

We are limitless and boundless

When there's nothing left, there's Faith.

Find the Love.

Change cannot enter if the way isn't clear.

Closed mind, closed Heart.

Open mind, open Heart.

When in doubt, SIMPLIFY.

You have your Oprahs, your John Edwards, and your John Lennons but, mostly, the Messengers are just the everyday people you meet on the street.

It's not in my way anymore. It's a part of my way (Inspired by Coral).

It's easy to judge.

If that's what you want

When it all turns to shit, when all hope is gone, what is left?

Where else is there to turn? Ah-ha! There IS only Faith.

Why be sad?

Even The Greatest Pain Is Just An Illusion.

Stress - the great leveller.

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