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Like It Or Not

Madonna (Confessions On A Dance Floor)

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Confessions On A

Dance Floor

Madonna - people usually love her or loathe her; she's just that type of artist. Whatever side of the fence you come down on, you can't question the impact and staying power that this performer has had on the international stage - the woman has earned her stripes.

In Madonnas' early days when no one knew who she was, dancing for hours in clubs was an enjoyable release. Feeling like shaking off the weight of her world, she wanted to make an album that was FUN, and so it came to pass that she re-visited the dance floor. I've had an on again/off again affair with Madonna for years and when this new album was released I didn't know whether I'd like it so much - just another dance album, I thought, so I didn't rush out and buy it.

But eventually, I did.

Place CD in stereo. Press play. "...tick...tick...tick...Time goes by, so slowly..." Instant attraction. Along comes "Future Lovers" and I'm hooked as the music slips into an out of body state, taking me with it. By the time "Let It Will Be" is pulsating through me I can't get enough. And I dare you to resist the soulfully funky beats of "Push" that just compel you to move. God knows I couldn't! You can call her arrogant, pushy, vain - she'll challenge you all on the inspirational "Like It Or Not", claiming her right to be who she is with no apologies, thank you very much ladies and gentleman. No!! It's over to soon! I play it through twice more. And again the next day. Cannot concentrate on anything when it's on - must stop and dance. Musn't break the spell...and there it goes, finishing again. Press play...(Ahh...I needed a new addiction, I was getting bored with the old ones).

I'm no authority on dance music production/arrangement, but I knows what I like and the girl has gathered some serious talent around her to assist in the manifestation of this artwork. Madonna has previously used her music to explore and express her spiritual path and this new offering has moved things up to a whole other level, defying those who would say that the singers' religious beliefs are not to be taken seriously. As if anyone has a right to tell anyone how they should pray. The result is a sophisticated, seamless musical journey of substance that will keep you moving whether you want to or not. Which, if you think about it, is a mighty fine thing!



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