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The Devil:

Major Arcana/15


Mastery, Creativity, Shadows;

Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst;

Sage, Lavender, Rosemary;

"Like It Or Not" (Madonna),

"Sinner" (Neil Finn),

"Too Far From Texas"

(Stevie Nicks)

Dear readers,

hello hello! Cant believe it's October! Summertime is just around the corner and it's a truly glorious time - sunsine, swimming, sunshine...Yup, wouldn't be dead for quids. This month we're being paid a visit by The Devil, a character who is capable of eliciting much heated debate as to who he is and whether in fact he even exists. Suffice to say I will not be entering into said debate in any detail in this article as it is not the forum for such things, (hang on - there we go, just had to kick my soapbox into the corner!). All that is really necessary to say is that in the Tarot, The Devil, (in general), represents anything we don't like about ourselves and subsequently try to hide, thus creating a shadow. The more we try and deny the existence of our feelings, likes, dislikes, actions, desires etc., the more we feed this shadow. This can lead to us engaging in the kinds of activities which we never dreamed we'd have a part in; from developing a healthy drug addiction (legal/illegal), to going mad in the shopping mall, to gossiping about our best friend behind their back. It's amazing what a little bit of denial can lead to. Hmm...

The wonderful thing about The Devil is that he miraculously lightens up if you heed his message. It's time to do what you gotta do to free yourself from that which you have created to chain yourself up with. Time to face YOURSELF. "Life really is far too important to be taken too seriously..." as Katie Noonan says, and The Devil would be the first to agree! When we're living in Shadowland such advice can seem glib, but is actually an important part of this card's message, designed to get us to take a good long look at how we've come to be living. Guilt and fear are the pits people, and being wrapped up in them is no way to live. It can be scary, facing our inner demons, but dealing with them leads to the liberating realisation that they are not, in fact, who we actually are. He's a tricky energy to work with sometimes, that ole Devil, but he will help us to get to know those dark places within us that can keep us running around in circles, teaching us how to arrive at that place where we can just be, without any need to pretend that we are anyone other than ourselves.

Take care everyone.

"I didn't trust it but I drank it anyway, this wine of my own poetry. And it gave me the daring to take hold of the darkness and tear it down and cut it into little pieces. Look at this glowing day - what could be more beautiful or more sacred?" (Lalla)


Strength: Major Arcana/11/Leo

Empowerment, Ecstacy, Determination,


Lavender, Patchouli;


Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli;

"Human Nature" (Madonna),

"I Feel Like A Woman" (Shania Twain),

"Now I Can Dance" (Tina Arena)

Hi all!

Ever gone through one of those periods of your life when you've suppressed your true nature to please someone else? How did this happen? Maybe someone somewhere judged you - a parent, lover, friend? Made you believe you were too happy, too sad, dressed too provocatively, needed to get a better job, hairstyle, car, life? The opinions of others can have a profound affect on us and the way we express ourselves and over time, demands to censor who we are eat away at our personal power. Breaking free of those opinions that keep us trapped in someone elses idea of how we should be is a wonderfully liberating experience; herein lies the gift that is on offer for having the courage to take back your power. The Strength card signifies that you are READY.

In the Thoth deck, Crowley changed the name of Strength to Lust as he felt that Strength just didn't cut it as a description of all that this card encompasses. It speaks of the LUST for LIFE, the passion of life, of surrendering to how good it feels to be participating in life as yourself. It is a card of self-empowerment, connecting us with that part of ourselves that holds our personal energy key. To tap into our powerful selves does not require anyone else. This is your time to do your own thing, to explore and experience your innate Strength and to take pleasure in doing so. A time of learning about Mastery as opposed to control, an important lesson which reveals to us what true Strength entails.

Take care all!

"No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from..." (Jewel)

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