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The Tower: Major Arcana/16/Mars/Fire

Change, Freedom, Growth;

Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Topaz, Garnet;

Rosemary, Sage, Lavender;

Sandalwood, Amber;

Roses, Lilies;

"Closer To Your Heart" (Clannad),

"Mystery" (The Voices Of Gaia),

"Fighter" (Christina Aguilera);

"The Bold And The Beautiful" (Channel 10/4.30pm).

Dear Readers,

Well, it's happened. Your car engine blew up, you got home and the washing machine had leaked everywhere, your rent's gone up and you got fired. Oh and that person who you thought was THE ONE left a message on your answering machine saying they're in

The Kimberleys, hope you understand - no hard feelings!!! Welcome to The Tower!

Of course, I am exaggerating - it doesn't always hit SO hard, but at other times, it does. Either way you're usually left screaming WHY ME, and what could I POSSIBLY have done to deserve this? Go on, let it out. A bit of cosmic venting is good for the Soul, and quite possibly what the doctor ordered! However, you are not being punished dear readers, though it may seem this way. You are simply being steered back onto your Path. Whether we are holding on to jobs, relationships or lifestyles which are no longer right for us,

The Tower appears to give us its healing message when we have been unable to make the necessary changes in our lives which will allow us to be happy. Of course it's always so easy to say we should embrace change, and quite another thing to do so. But change is a part of the natural cycles of life, and humans are not separate from nature. Thus if we don't go with the flow - KABOOM!!

Whatever the events that occur to launch us out of our comfort zone, when we are thrown into crisis, how we choose to look at this storm that has descended upon us, (seemingly uninvited), plays a huge role in what happens next. We are being challenged to LET GO and to Trust

that Spirit is acting in our lives from a place of Infinite Love, in order for us to grow and move forward on our Life Journey. Healing is not always a pleasant experience, and The Tower is not at all subtle, but don't be afraid of it; the gifts that it brings can be considerable. We can unscrew that pressure valve, be released from unbearable circumstances, discover hidden strengths; be made more REAL. We are also empowered through the realisation of just what we are capable of surviving; in essence we are given back to ourselves. Until next time, be gentle with yourself at every opportunity.

Journey Well!


The Fool: Major Arcana/0/Ether

SPIRIT, Adventure, Unexpected Occurrences,

New Beginnings;

Turquoise, Malachite, Rose Crystal;

Basil, Agrimony, Comfrey;

Amber, Sandalwood;

Roses, Daisies, Petunias;

"Two Of Us" (The Beatles),

"Dancing In The Street" (David Bowie/Mick Jagger version);

"Cosmic Wheels" (Donovan).

Merry Meet!

This month we explore the adventurous, fun loving, sometimes reckless world of

The Fool. Someone once told me that I had not been The Fool enough in my lifetime, but that I had known a few. A very accurate 

description then, and now! The Fool's message, as with all of the cards in the deck, depends on the other cards surrounding it in a reading, or, if you have just pulled a single card and he has jumped out, on the circumstances surrounding you at that time.

The Fool represents Free Spirit, that part of us that is out to experience Life for all it's worth - no matter where it may lead us. When our Heart speaks to us, it is a call that is hard to resist. The Fool is not bound by too much thought about his actions and where they might land him; there are no guarantees about where he'll end up. However there is the guarantee that he will land, and that he will learn something valuable from his experience. He heralds a new beginning in some aspect of our lives, for which we can in no way prepare - don't you just love The Universe!

He has the Faith of a child, placing himself completely in the hands of The Universe as he journeys down the road, full of potential and brimming over with the excitement of it all. The Fool can spend his entire life jumping around from one experience to another, never sticking around too long, always eager for the next great adventure. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this state of being, if this is how someone desires to be. Sometimes The Fool will grow weary, otherwise, off he goes!

The Fool can also be a welcome invitation to jump in and have some fun, to loosen up and see where the wind blows you. When we are growing up, it is easy to become set in our lives; we take on responsibilities - jobs, bills, partners, children - and often forget how to play, for no other purpose than to feel joyful. What? I hear you say. I'm not a child anymore, I don't have time for such nonsense. Well, dear readers, your inner child craves it, and the result will be like a ripple effect throughout your life as you participate in one of the most reliable ways that ever has been and ever will be, to de-stress and lighten your load. The simple ART of having fun! So will you accept this invitaion? Will you take that leap of Faith? Completely your choice, as always. Well everybody, may you be surrounded with Love as you travel through your Life Lessons.

Journey Well!

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