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Reach For You

Archie Roach (Looking For Butter Boy)

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inor Arcana/Mercury in Cancer

Unconditional Love, Flowing, Group Energy;

Rose Quartz, Ruby,



Lavender, Motherwort;

Rose Geranium, Sandalwood;

"Gathering Of Eagles"

(Walela), "Freedom" (The

Voices Of Gaia);


"Sex And The City".

Greetings everyone!

A friend of mine gave me a fridge magnet once that says "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you" (Elbert Hubbard). There is nothing more Divine than the blessing of a true friend - someone who's on your wavelength, who you really enjoy hanging out with. Someone who's seen you at your absolute worst and best and still hugs you when you need it - and gives you a kick in the rear when you need that! Someone who you can safely share your deepest intimacies with, without fear of them becoming coffee table conversation. Someone who reads between the lines of that weird message you've left on their answering machine, and subsequently drops what they're doing to respond to your call for help. That group of people you meet up with each week to co-create a Sacred space in which to Heal.

The 3 of Cups is called Abundance in the Thoth deck, and represents a level of Love that is profound and extraordinarily beautiful. Whatever form of Spirituality you subscribe to, there is a Universal experience of Bliss that comes from tapping into that powerful, all encompassing force called Love. To be loved and to love unconditionally is right up there on that list of "Things To Achieve On A Spiritual Quest", which all seekers of Enlightenment are given on their first day of Self-Discovery School. It's very natural in our daily lives to have defence mechanisms in place; indeed it is a survival tactic, keeping us safe until we feel able to invite someone into our world. So when we finally experience a relationship in which there are no conditions involved, where affection and caring isn't going to disappear if we reveal who we are, it is truly the most liberating of experiences.

The 3 of Cups in a Reading can signify either the presence of this kind of Love in your life, or the need to make room for it to manifest. In either case, be certain that it is a gift from the Gods that is both precious and deserving of great nurturing, designed to enrich your life. Like any gift, it will be given to you, if you allow it to be. May you all receive the Love that you need to help you through whatever Life is teaching you at this time.

Journey Well!


Justice: Major Arcana/8/


Action/Reaction, Decisions, Karma;

Sage (White or Culinary), Rosemary;

Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Clear Quartz;

Jasmine, Sandalwood;

"Be Careful What You Pray For" (Vika and Linda),

"Enter" (The Voices Of Gaia), "Instant Karma" (John Lennon).

Greetings everyone!

Hasn't this recent rain been lovely? My tank filled up, my poor plants started looking like plants again and the creeks near my place started flowing full force. And it was cold again at night - good thing I didn't put the ugh boots away for the summer yet! I always become a bit more introspective in this type of weather, a state of Being that makes it easier for me to make some of those life-changing decisions that I've been putting off making. I take the time to examine the situation I find myself in as a result of some action I've taken.

The Justice card enters a reading when you are at a crossroad of sorts. Life in general hasn't stopped, but the ability to move forward on your journey has been delayed until you make a decision. Perhaps you are in the middle of legal negotiations that require you to make clear, definite decisions. Maybe you are embroiled in an emotionally charged situation and you need to decide if it's time to extricate yourself from it. Or maybe life has lost its flavour and you need a change of scenery. Whatever the reason dear readers, this card is asking you to just stop for a bit and think. It's time to reassess the situation and to reflect upon the consequences of your actions which have led you to this point in time.

Justice is ruled by Libra, the Sun-sign represented by a set of scales, and in order to be able to reach the balanced decisions which you are being called upon to make, it's important to have balanced scales! This means that you won't find the answers you're looking for if you're living chaotically. Take a time out and find your centre!!

So, now you're in a clearer head space, you're in a better position to tackle any other challenges standing between you and your decision, the most common one often being the fear of making the wrong choice. Past experiences leave their mark and, as a result, consciously or unconsciously we're happy to stay in a situation that isn't right for us. Ask yourself what you're afraid of - by facing our fears and doubts we take away their power to control us. Know that in the world of Spirit there is no right or wrong decision, only the never-ending Karmic sequence of action-reaction-action-reaction. It is also important to remember that you have the right to travel at your own pace through life, which means making decisions when you are ready. Trust that the decision that you make will be the best one for you at this time.

However you choose to celebrate at this time of year, (and even if you don't), may your Hearts be lightened and your lives be Blessed with the presence of those you care for most dearly.

Take care everyone.

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