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The Hanged Man:

Major Arcana/12/Neptune

Surrender, Stubborness, Ego;

Aquamarine, Rose Quartz,

Lapis Lazuli;

"Wash Your Spirit Clean"

(Walela), "Blow Away"

(George Harrison).


How is everyone? Still hanging in there I hope. My how the Rainbow Region Community has been challenged recently by the effects of all of the deeply rooted shifts in Nature that have been occurring. Personally I've had days when I don't know what's up or down anymore and I feel a bit like saying STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF!! Phew! The good news is, of course, that this time shall pass, and that it is a great opportunity to take stock of what does and does not matter to us anymore. To sort out our priorities.

Sometimes there are times in our lives when, no matter how hard we try to solve a sitution, we just cannot shift things. The more we push, the more complicated things become. Doesn't matter what trick we pull out of the hat, how much energy we direct towards sorting things out - it ain't gonna happen. It can seem as if the world is against us, as if we're being cosmically held in place. Well, truth be told, you probably are. The Hanged Man has come along for a visit, and he's going to stick around until you pay attention to him and the lessons he brings. It is wonderful to have attributes such as physical strength, a brilliant intellect or a full bank account - I don't think many of us would knock these gifts back. However, to navigate the ups and downs of life, such qualities are not enough. Sometimes we need to call upon another strength - Spiritual strength.

The interpretations of the Tarot images vary widely from deck to deck, but that of The Hanged Man can usually be relied upon to retain the central image of an upside down figure (most commonly male). He is literally suspended in time, compelled to see things from a different perspective; continuing to struggle will only cause him to become more trapped. This card is a message from Spirit challenging us to surrender our ego, which wants to control our situation, and LISTEN. There are reasons why things aren't happeing as you would like them to, and they won't be revealed to you while you are busy ignoring the reality of your situation. The Gods have decided that it has become necessary for you to be assisted in the task of being still, and so the best thing that you can do is to take your medicine! The act (and the art) of Acceptance can move mountains, and truly, this is one of the greatest lessons that you will ever learn.

I hope that everyone receives all of the love and support needed in order to meet any difficult challenges this month - take care until next time.


9 Of Cups: Minor Arcana/Jupiter in Pisces

Divine Love, Wishes;

Rose Quartz, Aquamarine;

Rosemary, Roses, Lilys, Jasmine;

Rose Oil, Lotus Oil;

"Catch My Disease" (Ben Lee),

"Witchi Tai To" (Harpers Bizarre),

"The 59th Street Bridge Song: Feelin' Groovy"


"Feeling Good" (Nina Simone's version)

"Rainbow" (G. Love/Jack Johnson)

Hello everyone!

You know those moments when you just feel SO conneced? So blissful and dreamy that you're sure that if you could only bottle this feeling and distribute it globally, world peace would be instantaneous? Precious,

precious space in time that makes me look at the butterflys and listen to the Kookaburras and wonder at how I was so down and out of my mind over the state of my affairs just yesterday. This is the result of touching the Divine. The 9 of Cups embodies this feeling, being ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion, good fortune and joy, in Pisces, the Sun sign of flowing, sensitive fish, of Universal Love. When this card floats into your reading, it is literally a Gift from the Gods; a wish card. You are being offered the chance to tune into your Dreams and ask that a wish be granted. And trust me - you'd better be careful what you wish for, because it will come true! 9 is a sacred number, and in a reading 9s, (whatever the suit), come to us as a result of good luck, yes, but also of sheer hard work on our part as we succeed in meeting the challenges of all of the numbers that come before; we earn them. This card indicates that you already know what you want - you just have to ask for it.

There are those amongst us who have no problems with asking for what is rightfully theirs, never dreaming about compromising their ideals and taking less than they deserve, knowing that Blessings such as those heralded by the 9 of Cups are theirs to graciously accept. But there are others of us who need a bit of help to get in touch both with what we want, and our worthiness to receive it. Sometimes we need to remember what we've already learned, in order to claim the bounty being offered. Don't worry, your wish is your reward, and if you want it, it won't disappear while you sort yourself out.

The suit of water represents the feminine, watery world of feelings and emotions, and tapping into this world is the key to unlocking our intuition, that part of us that KNOWS, that assists us in creating the kind of world we want to live in. The 9 of Cups encourages us to be as idealistic as we want to be - to really let our creative self out to play, helping to release this knowledge. Go for a swim in the ocean or your local swimming hole, paint, listen to music or play your favourite instrument. Savour every moment as you are in it, either in your own company or the company of others. Feel yourself revelling in Spirit, allow the Love you create through these actions to move you, fill you, nourish you. It is when we find ourselves in this place of True Love that we suddenly realise our innate beauty, our perfection, exactly as we are - warts and all. From such a viewpoint, out dreams are obtainable and we deserve them. So enjoy!

Until next time, take care everyone.

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