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Realisation doesn't care where you are.

By trying to hold on to tightly to your Faith, you can lose it just as easily as if you ignored it...

You'll never forget - but how will you remember?

On Love

The Heart doesn't think about it.

The Heart doesn't anylise.

The Heart just does.

There are many levels of Heaven.

Love does not care about your rules.

There is a voice on the wind

calling, calling

A Longing in your Heart...

Love is the lubricant of Life.

Love is the KEY and the KEY is LOVE.

If you only knew how loved you really are,

You would never draw another breath of fear...

The Heart does not care for rules!

Music cannot be bound by your dogma.

It's not about judgement, it's about where someone's at.

It's only when we surrender to Spirit,

our Higher Voice,

that we can make the decisions that are the right ones for us -

no matter what our Heritage.

When we place ourselves, our opinions, above Spirit,

we have missed the point.

Who are you, without who you are?

Don't try to work it all out

It's such a mystery

Just look back in retrospect

And say Oh I see...

My beautiful child. It's ok to be right where you are. You have achieved so much. Let that be what you choose to stand upon when you are looking at your life.

It takes ONE to stand.

Men who think they have women all figured out, never will.

You were not right,

You were not wrong,

Your opinion was just one of many.

Look to the Heart.

You have to be prepared to make a mess, to clean up!

The Smallest Wings

can reach the Greatest Heights...

Love doesn't care about your rules.

Love didn't make them - you did!

The tortoise wins the race every time,

no matter how flamboyant the rabbit is.

I need to just STOP so I can move on.

All lessons are a Spiritual Challenge.

All challenges are a Spiritual Lesson.


There is much wisdom in stepping back.

What will you do?

How will you go?

You can't possibly achieve it all in one lifetime.

It's so easy to be righteous -

that's why all the kids are doing it!

You can do anything, go anywhere, be anything -

as long as you don't feel guilty about it!

Learn to rely on yourself differently.

It was all worth it to get to HERE...

Don't give it all away - keep some for yourself.

(It's been my experience that) age doesn't automatically equal maturity.

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