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Witchi Tai To

Harpers Bizarre (Thicker Than Water Soundtrack/Jack Johnson and The Malloys)

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Ace of Cups: Minor Arcana/Water

Warm days, Opening up, New Projects, Confidence Returning,

Self Love;

Sunflowers, Jasmine;




"Morning Has Broken" (Cat Stevens), "Gaia Birth Song" (The Gaia Choir), "Love Breath

Heart Chakra" (Breathe: Kundalini Collective).

The glorious month of October - the sun is out, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you dear readers! In these challenging times in which we live it can be easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by the enormous weight of the world's pain; what can I do? Am I doing enough? We may find ourselves struggling through our days, juggling our many commitments with hardly a moment to BREATHE. Our personal happiness can often take a back seat and stopping to listen to our Heart's voice is not our highest priority - perhaps not even on the list. These ingredients can all take their toll of course, creating a recipie of mistrust, fear, depression and self doubt. Life can seem a chore and we may find ourselves asking, how did I get to this heavy place!? BE AT PEACE, because there's always another road to take, if you choose.

The Ace Of Cups is an invitation to a new beginning, to stop and reconnect with your receptive, feminine self. It is a sign of the

re-opening of channels through which the limitless Divine Love flows, of the opening of our Heart chakra to receive this gift and to ultimately re-inspire our lives. When our Hearts are open, we radiate the beauty that we are; like that flower in our garden, its petals clasped together, which will, in its own time, open, revealing breathtaking colour and perfume. It is through this reconnection and surrender to our Heart that we prepare ourselves to start again, to re-enter the world with new found trust and love of ourselves, open and ready to receive the newness which will nourish and enrich our lives.

Journey Well!


The Chariot: Major Arcana/7/Cancer/Water

Courage, Inner Strength, Protection, Meditation, Willpower,

Moving Forward;

Carnations, Lilies, Jasmine;


Moonstone, Amber;


"Open Your Eyes You Can Fly" (Vanessa Williams),

"Holdin' Back" (Tiddas), "Go Your Own Way" (Fleetwood Mac),

"Eagle" (ABBA), "Intuition" (Jewel).

Merry Meet!

November is here - beautiful days we've been having, wherever you happen to be in this magickal Rainbow Region that I feel so Blessed to call home.

Many powerful Universal changes have been afoot of late and most people I know have been experiencing the challenge of dealing with said changes as they manifest in their own personal day to day lives. Breakdowns in relationships, moving house, leaving home, realising your job and your beliefs no longer support eachother; however it enters your life, change can be SCARY can't it? Despite the fact that its been stated by many people in many ways to be the only constant in life, when it comes along it can be a really unexpected, and sometimes unwelcome, visitor. But even the most frustrating of party guests can bring along the most useful of presents. Look for the gift of FREEDOM in change, and the opportunity being offered by the Gods to be the Charioteer in your life, to take the reins and GO YOUR OWN WAY.

After the event which has caused us to reassess where we are in life, The Chariot can help us to find the courage we need to carry out the inevitable, and move on. The Charioteer moves from a place of centred determination. His STRONG WILL comes from tuning in to his Higher Voice and by strengthening this Divine connection through meditation (whatever method works for you). We experience a psychic shift, discovering a confidence that comes when we listen to this Voice telling us that something's not right for us and that we need to ACT on this.

This is a new strength which we are nurturing and we are still vulnerable to outside influences which can throw us off balance and deter us from our newly defined direction. It is thus important to protect yourself as you plan your new journey, treating yourself with plenty of TLC. The Chariot offers us the shelter we need as we sally forth, exploring our Paths again with our new found sense of

independence and self-mastery. It is ruled by Cancer, sign of the Crab, capable of taking its home anywhere, and retreating within when threatened.

Know in your Heart, as you take your brave steps forward, that whatever you have been going through is a Blessing in disguise designed to help you discover more about the ever evolving SOUL that is you.

Journey Well!

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