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The Hermit: Major Arcana/9/


Retreat, Vision, Teacher, Illumination, Self Sufficiency;

Daisy, Lotus;


Amber Essential Oil;

Moonstone, Ruby;


"Enter" (The Voices Of Gaia),

"Slow Down" (india.arie),

"Unbearable Love" (Walela).

Hi Everyone,

How's it going? Can you believe how quickly December's come along? What's happened to this year - I'm sure time's sped up in the past couple of weeks - it's been EXTREMELY busy in my neck of the woods.

The Hermit card came through pretty quickly when I sent out to the Universe for guidance this month, and as is the case when The Hermit comes along, frankly I was relieved.

Guy Sebastian, the truly gifted Australian Idol winner, is a good example of someone who needs to be Hermity for a while. Seriously sleep deprived, when questioned about how he was feeling after the final result Guy said that he needed "a corner to sit and be alone in and breathe it all in". He is caught up in the whirlwind that is the marketed musician's life and it seems he has no choice but to keep up the designated pace; MUCH is expected of him. But it's his life and it will always be his choice.

Even if you're not living such a public existence, life can still get pretty hectic with family, work and friends and it's easy to become overwhelmed with emotional and physical demands that are placed on us. The Hermit is a message that you need to step back for a while and chill out, to touch base with that inner guide who knows what you need to be happy better than anyone else. There is enormous strength in being able to heal yourself, to know how to feed your Soul's fire so that you are continually re-inspired to know when to take time out so that you don't burn-out. So give yourself permission to do so, and take care over the holiday season. Happy Solstice, and Merry Christmas,

Journey Well!


The Emperor: Major Arcana/4/Aries/Fire

Leadership, Boundaries, Male Force, Moving Forward,


Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary;

Rose Quartz;


"Stout Hearted Men" (Nelson Eddy),

"Working Class Man" (Jimmy Barnes),

"Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thing" (Salt-N-Pepa),

"Talk To Her" (india.arie), "Way Of The Woman (The Gaia Choir),

"Stop" (The Spice Girls);

"The King And I" (Rogers And Hammerstein).

Hi everyone!

I trust you've all survived the holiday season intact - I must admit it took me awhile to de-fuzz my brain enough to hear what the Goddess was telling me this month, but it finally got through. The Emperor is very much a part of our existence and making friends with Him is a key ingredient in the recipie of life - and for the very survival of this planet. The appearance of The Emperor in a reading can mean many things depending on what's going on in your life at the time, and is not just a man/woman thing, but rather a Masculine/Feminine one. Contrary to popular opinion, The Emperor is not the bad guy; He teaches us how to develop our own structure in order for our creative endeavours to flourish and helps us to set boundaries in our day to day lives, so that we may maintain our individuality and focus in order for our dreams to manifest.

However, the world today is rather overwhelmed by Him - forests are disappearing, shopping centres and office blocks are spreading, children are starving, and weapons of mass destruction are ok to include on the shopping list, depending on which country you live in. The very creativity which He has at first provided shelter for has become secondary as He powers on with His mission to make it work, to function efficiently, to win, often at any cost. Many of us either end up expending a great deal of energy fighting against this force or we end up being a part of the cost, human fuel for His cause, burning out AND fading away. We become separated, divided into endless groups of "us and them", ending up with such chasms between us that any possibility of meeting on common ground becomes lost in a battle of egos. And if there is one thing that this amazing planet called Earth needs from us human inhabitants, it is that we find this common ground.

I was watching a video of "The King And I" when the inspiration for this month hit me - a finer example of this card may not exist! The King And I, for those of you who have not seen this sumptuous tale of authority, love, respect and questionable Buddhist practice, is mainly about a man who is used to unquestioning obedience, and a woman who refuses to bow to his authority. Literally. She demands no less than to be treated as an equal human being, and is never threatened by what she may lose if she stands strong in her Spirit; the King has never met a woman who is FREE enough to relate to him in such a manner. Eventually they develop a relationship of mutual respect, constantly challenging one another,

but learning to respect what each is able to give. Her Feminine wisdom is able to allow for his Masculine pride, and through this foundation, we are able to see the King's Heart, to see his Humanity, his beauty.

We are living in a part of the world where much energy is being focused on achieving the goal of meeting on common ground, where people are listening to the Divine Feminine and relearning how to live with eachother. I don't know about you guys, but I thank my lucky starts frequently that my Path has led me here, where I am surrounded by so many people who care about Mother Earth. Until next month, take care,

Journey Well!

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