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I Want To Know What Love Is

Tina Arena (Greatest Hits 1994-2004)

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10 Of Cups: Minor Arcana/

Mars In Pisces

Control, Letting Go, Fear, Overwhelm;

Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura;

Rosemary, Sage, Lavender;

"Stuck In A Moment" (U2),

"Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac),

"Oh, Lonesome Me"

(Neil Young).

Hi everyone!

Well I lit my fire tonight for the first time this season - it's always nice, starting this particular cold weather ritual. And considering the state of the world these days, I'm very grateful that I have a fire to light! And a warm bed, blankets, winter clothes, friends to share mulled wine with...yup, many blessings indeed! The beginning of the cooler months always finds me enjoying staying at home more in the evenings and I'm also more inclined to spend time reflecting on the warm seasons that have been, and the cold that is to come. I feel myself slowing down, tuning in and listening to the change of season. Consequently, I am able to stop and listen to myself - where am I; am I happy, sad? Do I need to clean out my wardrobe? The kitchen cupboards? My heart?

The 10 Of Cups, being a 10, is all about letting go. Because it is of the suit of Cups, it indicates that we are holding on to our emotions, controlling them to such a point that they actually restrict us from functioning in our day-to-day lives. There is a feeling of overwhelm that is hard to bear and it is because we have become waterlogged. We're that slowly drowning plant sitting in a pot that has no drainage hole. Ideally we aim to be the type of evolved human who can live their lives in a balanced way, not a see-sawing exreme one, and I have much admiration for those of us who have figured out this little balancing act. However, we're all on our own path, learning at our own pace, and this means that occasionally we may find ourselves at one end of the extreme scale struggling to find our way back to the middle. If the 10 Of Cups pays you a visit as you find yourself lost at sea, take it as a friendly lifeline from the Gods - permission to take a few deep breaths, cry, scream, let it all out, and allow the energy of this release to float you back to dry land.

Until next time, take care everybody.

"Let it go. Let it out. Let it all unravel. Let it free and it can be a path on which to travel" (Leunig)


The Lovers: Major Arcana/6/Gemini

Individuality, Division, Devotion;

Lavender, Sage, Rosemary;

Rose Quartz;

"Nature Boy" (Natalie Cole),

"Whatever Gets You Through The Night" (John Lennon),

"Go Your Own Way" (Fleetwood Mac),

"Luckiest Man Alive" (The Finn Brothers).

OK - WARNING!! All those who are a bit squeamish about love talk, turn the page 'cause I'm about to drench you in it!

Hi everyone. My name is Ann and I'm a Love junkie. It's true - I love LOVE. Personally and Universally. I'd rather be the one injecting optimism into the world's energy centre then hatred and exreme scepticism. Don't get me wrong - I ain't a-judgin'. Everything has its time and place. Continual exposure to a diet of negativity can, however, tend to drain an individual's will to live. Luckily, because of the devotion of those who choose to keep optimism alive I've been given the chance to see that people do care about people. This example inspires and encourages me still, offering much comfort, priceless in these challenging times.

In the opening scenes of "Love Actually", Hugh Grant tells us about how people on the September 11 planes, once realising their fate, sent phone messages of Love, not hate, to the people in their lives. A wise woman said to me once that the world will always be wounded. Well I don't know the Grand Plan. But I do know that I can do my bit to keep Love alive so that others who are lost in the dark can be drawn to the warmth of its' LIGHT. 

One of the best ways I can do this is to clean up my own backyard - to take care of what's blocking Love in my life.

The journey to Self-Love is the biggest commitment you will ever make. Some would call those of us on this trip naive, not in touch with the reality of world events. But a real Lover knows. One who is in Love with Life, devoted to LOVE. Spiritual Warriors. Defenders of Love. The Love that is indeed everyone's birthright. Like the wide-eyed innocent in Moulin Rouge passionately telling us that "love is like oxygen, love is a many splendoured thing, love lifts us up where we belong", a Devotee of Love knows that innocence can take you places that cynicism can't. We know the paradoxes of Love; fragility/strength, union/division, innocence/knowledge, light/dark, jealousy/security. How easy it is to step off the path to Love. How this doesn't mean that Love stops guiding us.

But what is Love? What does it mean to you? Do you want to find out? Love wants you to. The Lovers card heralds the appearance of a lesson designed to help us to further explore who we are by becoming aware through an experience of Love. This part of the journey is about separating from others' opinions about life and investigating our own, striking out against all

objections to make our mark. Through this adventuring we are given the opportunity to learn about one of life's mysteries; that we separate, we join with others, we separate, continually evolving as we move towards the marriage of our masculine and femine selves in our souls' eternal quest to become ONE.

Until next time, smile often, hug hugely, love well.

"Be friends with your burning. Burn up your thinking and your forms of expression. Those who pay attention to ways of behaving and talking are one sort - lovers who burn are another. The love religion has no code or doctrine - only god..." (Rumi).

Future Lovers

Madonna (Confessions On A Dance Floor)

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