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5 Of Wands: Minor Arcana/

Saturn In Leo

Challenge, Patience, Destruction, Growth;

Tikkun Olam;

Rose Quartz, Amethyst,


Basil, Rosemary, Sage;

Rainbows, Nature;

"Lighthouse" (The Waifs),

"High Hopes" (Frank Sinatra),

"Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac),

"The Times They Are

A-Changin'" (Bob Dylan)

Hi all,

I sincerely hope that everyone out there is doing okay. I hope that you're all getting all of the Love you need to make it through whatever life is challenging you with at this time.

There is much chaos unfolding in the world these days - as usual, the news is first at 5 to report it. I've often written about this emphasis on dark events in the world eclipsing the abundance of good that co-exists with the violent death and destruction that makes headlines. I write about it because I feel strongly that the world we live in is desperately out of balance and needs a huge injection of Light. This is not to say that these negative events should be denied - on the contrary, good and bad are just an example of the paradox of life. But one will get further navigating life's ineitable dark hallways if one can "light a candle rather than cursing the dark" (Eleanor Roosevelt).

Which brings me to the 5 Of Wands, one of those cards that you can either freak out about or be grateful for. It signifies a time of great change and, as the saying goes, resistance is useless. Bear in mind that the steps to enlightenment occasionally involve extremely stressful events in our lives but that, even though it may be very difficult to fathom whilst the poo is hitting the fan, there is always a Divine Purpose at work. We can't always see when change is necessary, when how we've been living has actually halted our growth. The 5 Of Wands has come to help us with this. This card is serious about removing from our lives all that blocks our progress forward. All that stands in our way of a Higher level of Knowing.

When we're going through a painful growth period we are given an opportunity to learn about how we deal with change, a defining factor in how we experience life. We may sail through, meeting this challenge with Grace, or, alternatively, we may discover aspects of ourselves that react not so graciously to change. There is no right or wrong in such situations - we can only be who we are.

For me, I have found it extremely helpful to look to the examples that others have set, in rising above their personal adversity. Some people have certainly unknowingly offered me their Grace when I have been struggling to find my own.

People like Mattie Stepanek. Mattie appeared often on

Oprah Winfrey's show. This child, according to Oprah, was a real live Angel, and I have to agree. He was born with a rare type of muscular dystrophy and throughout his short time here, he shared an unpretentious, profound wisdom about this journey called Life, delivering messages such as "I want people to know my life philosophy - to remember to play after every storm". Sophie Delezio is another child who is surely an Earth Agel, enduring what most of us would consider unendurable for reasons that her family believe are for a Higher Purpose. Humbling. Very.

Human beings get very attached to how their lives should be unfolding, which is why we are often so shocked when something occurs to disrupt our plans. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day; life isn't a race and if you need time to work through the conflicts that change can bring, then take it. It's your life after all.

Take care everyone!

"To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable" (Helen Keller)


Queen Of Discs: Court Card/Capricorn

Water Of Earth

Multitask, Receive, Rest, Celebrate You;


Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Turquoise;

Sage, Rosemary, Lavender;

Gardenias, Roses;

"I'm Every Woman" (Chaka Khan),

"Garden In My Room" (Merril Bainbridge)

"Ant" (Medicine Cards/32)

Hello everyone!

How about these glorious days we've been having in the Rainbow Region? Makes you glad to be alive! It's certainly becoming harder and harder to stay indoors that's for sure - who wants to be doing the dishes or scrubbing the toilet when there's sun to bask in and hills to frolic on? Yes these things must be done, but so must the aforementioned basking and frolicking......You work hard, you do what you need to do to pay the bills, it you've got kids or pets you make sure their needs are taken care of, and you? Hmmm...somewhere on that "to do" list, way, way down the bottom, is your name - NO - don't you dare cross it out! This is your official wakeup call so put down that mop, take that mobile out of your hand and step away from the pile of paperwork! Time to take care of YOU!

The Queen Of Discs - sensual, practical, independant, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound AND still look Absolutely Fabulous! It is because of this ability to be all to everyone that she can forget that even

super-beings such as herself need to take some time to re-charge the batteries; oh they can keep going, but life becomes one big task. You can leave Nature to take its' course and eventually she'll run out of steam, but at what

ost? This Queen can become a little freaked out if asked to step out of her comfort zone as she tends to rely on what she knows will work; letting go and allowing other ways of Being to enrich her life can be difficult for her. However, she is a true Earth Mother and if anyone can learn to nurture herself as much as she nurtures others, it will be her.

If the Queen Of Discs is gracing you with her presence in a Reading, it could be either about you or a woman in your life, (guys, it could indicate an aspect of your personality as we all have our masculine and feminine sides). Are you taking care of yourself? And not just eating what your body needs you to eat and getting enough sleep kind of care. Do you have massages? Swim in the ocean just because it feels good? Buy a bunch of roses because their perfume stopped you in your tracks at the supermarket? Feeding the senses, allowing what is beautiful and nothing at all to do with being sensible to fill your life is as equally important as all of those practical parts of life. So surrender to the exquisite pleasure of pleasure for pleasures' sake, and see what kind of amazing changes this can usher in to your life.

Until next time, take care.

"My dear is it true your mind is sometimes like a battering ram running around. Shouting about 10 000 things that do not matter! LISTEN! Listen carefully to what is around you, to what is inside you right now..." (Sufi Hafiz)

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